Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm not big on cooking. I blame my parents. Growing up, I was the one sent to the grocery store while making Christmas cookies or holiday meals since I was least likely to be helping in the kitchen. They made my older sister and me make dinner growing up. Mom is a nurse so she always worked the 3-11 shift. Dad worked from 7 until 6 or so at night. Who else was there? I understand their logic and I know it's good I can cook. I just prefer not to... If I was in charge, we'd have a fabulous chef who could make decadent meals that are both delicious and healthy. I'm not holding my breathe though.

Cooking is all well and good but I never could get over the mess it made and the fact that after cooking I had to clean up and wash the dishes. I hate messy kitchens. I can blissfully ignore messes in every other room but the kitchen. It's kind of ironic that my high school job was working in the kitchen of a psychiatric hospital - washing pots and pans.

T. cannot cook (again, parents are to blame). (Sorry, hon, you know I love you; it's not your fault). He never learned but every once in a while he tries a dish or grills something. In general, we subsist on sandwiches, frozen dinners and crock pot meals (which I don't consider cooking). I'm all for throwing things in a pot or a mixer and seeing what comes out. I'm not big on patience in the kitchen and tend to say good enough too much when it comes to cooking.

Recently, I found Cooking For Engineers. Anyone who knows an engineer will see the humor in the site. Each recipe has step-by-step instructions and a flow chart. Seriously. Maybe now T. (an engineer) will turn out to be an excellent chef - he only needs the proper pictorial graph. Here's hoping.

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