Monday, March 1, 2010


We had an awesome time at Disneyland. DH is talking about going back already. We both came home sick though. DH is already recovered and feeling normal again. I'm struggling along.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long weekend.

Cross post from my blog. I'm not in the mood to rewrite.

I love holiday weekends! DH and I spent Saturday just vegging since I was still recovering from my overkill workout on Thursday. Saturday night we decided to go into SF in the morning and tour the SF MOMA.

We arrived in the city for lunch and headed over to DH's favorite cafe Chez Carla, but it was closed. So were the next 3 suggestions he had... not many tourists in the financial district where he works on the weekend so nothing was open but subway (even a quiznos was closed). Since we were there for something different, we walked back to the Ferry Bldg and had lunch there. Our favorite cafe there had closed for good. It's sad that the costs were too much for them to stay but maybe they reopened elsewhere.

The weather was foggy - no surprise there - but by the time we had eaten, the sun had come out and it was getting really warm. DH asked if I still wanted to go to the MOMA but on a day like that who wants to be inside wasting it? Not me. So we did the touristy thing and hit Pier 39 and had ice cream overlooking the boats.

We did lots of walking and saw some great photo ops. My favorite was the panorama I took featuring the Golden Gate and Alcatraz. I don't think I'd ever get bored of SF.

I just realized that tomorrow is ASH Wednesday, the start of Lent. I grew up Catholic but haven't been practicing since college, for reasons that are my own. I always loved the whole atmosphere of Lent, focusing on renewal and growth. My parents always taught us it wasn't about denying yourself anything but of challenging yourself.

For Lent this year, I'm going to focus my eating, not just mindlessly eating but making choices. I'm also going to switch up my exercise routine more. Hopefully, the gym here will reopen on time (end of the month) after its remodel and I can get back into switching it up with my dvds. As much as I love my DVD collection, it gets boring. The warmer weather also means I'll be outside more too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another week

This week started well! I can honestly say I rooted for the winning Super Bowl team. My DH was quite amused with my interest, since I don't usually watch sports. I'm glad that the Saints won and I hope something wonderful happens because of it.

My exercising schedule this week is going well. I did weights and cardio yesterday before lunch and the ABS Diet Interval training session this morning (followed by a walking dvd routine to get my 10K steps in).

I started using my gocco machine this afternoon and my first test was a bust. I don't know if the copy wasn't on a laser copier or what but it didn't work. My second attempt wasn't great either (although that one sort of worked). I'm going to try again tomorrow.

Enough for now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January wrap up

Well, overall I think I did pretty well with my exercise program... but I still need to think about (and make) better food choices. I'm struggling at nights not to snack and the weekends are just pure temptation. I just wish this was easier. If I didn't love food so much, I wouldn't have a problem - but that isn't something I can change. I can; however, hold myself accountable and make better choices...

My goal for February is to keep up my workout routine, eat more fruits and veggies (at least 3 total but hopefully more) and not snack so much on junk food.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Weightloss rewards.

I might not have been very good about writing here every week but I have managed to blog at my page at least once a week so far this month. I need to start writing things down so I get everything I want to done.

Anyway, I finally remembered to print out the last couple blogs for my weight loss journal/scrapbook to chronicle the last few weeks and my thoughts etc. I am also finally writing out my rewards for each milestone:

1st 10 lbs: more whipped body soap from A Breathe of French Air, an store that I love. I think I'll get a 3 or 4 month supply.

2nd 10 lbs: a complete new outfit (including shoes and accessories)

3rd 10 lbs: scrapbooking shopping spree of all the coolest stuff and an album/accessories for my fitness journal/scrapbook

4th 10 lbs: a day at the spa... nails, facial and maybe a massage. After all that exercise, I'm going to need to relax!

Final 10 lbs: dress from butter by nadia that I love.

Onward and upward. And off to work on my journal scrapbook.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another week

Well the first week of being back into eating healthy and living better went pretty well. I exercised every day and got DH to the gym with me twice. We skipped Thursday night because he was tired from work and it was late. I'm hoping he gets more into it as we get into the habit of going. He knows he needs to go and that he should go so I don't feel like I'm nagging when I suggest we go. Easier on all of us.

This week, more scrapbooking, more exercising and working on my business ideas. Hope to have some done and ready to send to a printer for test prints soon.

In other news, we've had two earthquakes lately. I felt one and the other was so faint I only knew about when DH mentioned it. He gets emails from the survey people reporting local activity.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year!

Hard to believe it's 2010! Seems like 2009 only just started but here we are and I have lots of plans for this coming year.

Number one is getting healthy. I've been hm-hawing about it for a while now and have gotten more in shape but I've neglected working on my eating issues. I know I don't eat enough fruits or veggies so this is a high priority this year. I'll eat more of the good things and less of the bad, but without getting hung up on cutting everything out of my life. I'm sorry sometimes I want a slice of cheesecake and that should be fine. Dieting doesn't work. Lifestyle changes and being positive are my goals.

Number two is getting my business going. This time next year, I will have had at least 6 months of experience and survived my first christmas selling online. This is taking longer than I thought to get going. It's moving forward though so we're going to keep positive and keep moving.

Number three is to spend less time zoned out in front of the tv and more time enjoying my hobbies (scrapbooking, writing, photography, designing, whatever). I've got the gift of lots of free time so I need to use it better. Getting healthy and getting my business going will incorporate my hobbies too. I'm going to start a scrapbook/journal to write/bitch whatever about the coming year and get back into a photo a day blogging.

Every week I'm going to blog here at least once. I'm going to blog on my sparkpeople site and get involved in the groups/teams there. I'm going to spend more time doing stuff with my husband and I'm going to enjoy life.

On that note, I'm off to update my sparkpeople site