Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another week.

I did my progress test for the 100 Push-Ups Challenge and it did not go well. So I'm going to repeat week 5 starting tomorrow and see what happens. I'll probably need a week or two on that level before advancing to week 6. It's a bummer but I don't want to hurt myself and it was uncomfortable...

Yesterday, I jogged on the treadmill for 45 minutes and then lifted some weights in a circuit for another 20. I took a walk in the afternoon to get some fresh air too.

Today was an easy day with a Pilates session first thing and then just relaxing with some errands (bathing suit shopping ICK) and trying to get a spare key made. Ended up having to go to the office and have them make it. UGH.

Could be worse though.

Took a walk this afternoon while I was waiting for the dishwasher to run (it's too loud to stay inside while it's going) and my honey flax bread to rise. It's still chilly out, considering the warm weather of early last week - but I guess I should appreciate this while it lasts. I'm thinking our new area is going to be rather warm come summer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello weekend!

Hello weekend! I've missed you; where have you been? Somewhere exciting I hope. No real plans for you but we're glad you've arrived. The week hasn't been too bad. T went into Sunnyvale for work on Wednesday and then yesterday went back to SF only to realize he left his laptop here at home. So he took the next train home and worked from our office instead. We had a nice lunch at the elephant bar and then I did some reading while he earned money. Worked out well for me.

We're counting down the final weeks before vacation and I'm just too excited to do to much around the house or job hunting or any of that nonsense.

On to 100 PushUp Challenges - week 5 was hard. I did the pushups but I'm not doing well with any set more than 12. I barely managed the 30 required for the final set today - and only because I paused to rest... not sure if that is cheating or not. UGH. I may have to start from week 4 or 5 after our trip and try again...

In other news, I got my new lensbaby (the composer), an optic kit with single glass, plastic and pin-hole optics, and a wide angle lens to play with. I'm a happy girl.

My paper samples for my friend Melissa's wedding invites came. I'll think more on that after our trip as I know she needs some decisions to make before I can really do anything anyway.

Friday, April 17, 2009

End to week 4.

Not the best week for me, I'll be honest. The muscles around my knee started twitching on Tuesday and got worse Wednesday so I didn't go jogging instead I went to the gym and used the elliptical machine and lifted weights in a circuit. I think I did a bit too much or I should have taken Wednesday off completely because yesterday I could barely walk at all. I took a short walk in the morning just to get out but it was uncomfortable and movement required thinking... not good.

Felt much better today but again no jogging. I went to the gym and used the elliptical machine instead and then did my push ups and some weight training (same as Wednesday). I'm not too surprised about the knee issues as I had problems walking correctly as a kid (I actually had to think about it because my feet rolled in). Physical therapy and orthodics have helped me correct the issue. It's barely noticeable these days. Even still, my mom (a nurse) did warn me it could happen when I told her I had taken up jogging. I'll talk to her about it this weekend... worse comes to worse I'll go back to the treadmill and just do different settings more often for some challenge.

Laundry is done so off I go.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mid April (Almost)

Last week went pretty well exercise-wise. I managed 7.2 miles jogging on Friday and I felt pretty good afterward. Tired, of course, but still pumped.

The weekend was lovely weather-wise. T's parents were out Saturday and we went into Danville for lunch at an adorable little bistro-cafe we found last month. We all ended up getting the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich, very good. Speaking of which, my food choices over the weekend weren't very good. Loads of fatty or sugary foods, I just couldn't say no. I feel like I failed but I haven't gained any weight - but I haven't lost any either. I am the same weight I've been for the last year or more how depressing is that. I'm working out but my food issues are keeping me from moving forward with my weight goals. I'm just stuck in some sort of heavy syrupy sludge.

This week will be better. I have decreed it to be so. Today, almost 6 miles during my jog and 67 push-ups for the challenge. I'm working on all my issues and I'm keeping all my fingers and toes firmly crossed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another week.

Amazing news this weekend - Randy and Missy V finally got engaged on Friday night so Missy and I had to have a nice long chat Saturday after some calming down had occured. They've been talking about different things for awhile now so are setting up some tours for Saturday. They want to get married later this year so they need to get to work soon. I don't think they need to start that soon but I know how exciting it is to be engaged and want to go whole hog into planning. Congrats!

I got some new DVDs today from Amazon.com that I'm going to add to my regular workout routine. I got one last week from Netflix and was pretty happy with Jillian Michael's latest DVD so I got both of them to switch off with. I think I'll be good with DVDs for a while since I already have a few.

I did my progress test last night for a 100 push-ups and got 17. My 18th wasn't up to par so I called it good and started week 3 in the same rank (1) as I have for the other two. I was hoping to do better but there will be another test in 2 weeks so I'll see how that one goes. I might need to repeat a week as I get near to the end. Today's push-ups were much harder to do. I'm hoping that I feel more confident as I go through the week and build up more strength. Fingers Crossed.

My jog this morning was almost relaxing. I did my usual Wednesday "hard" jog and plan to do something similar on Friday with Wednesday becoming my "easy" jog day. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm getting more into and yesterday afternoon T talked me into an IPOD nano (I already have the classic) but the nano will be great for jogging. I ordered NIKE+ and an armband on Amazon.com last night and I'm hoping to get them both tomorrow. I ordered an adapter for my shoe too since I don't have NIKE shoes but it'll take a few days because it was from another company thru Amazon.

A month from now we'll be in Hawaii for 10 days. I am so looking forward to the vacation and cruise. I'm not very happy about the flight but we're going to get a hotel in SF for the night before and take BART in so it should be fine.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Almost the weekend.

Well, I finished week 2 of the push-up challenge and getting myself out and jogging. I think both are going okay. Jogging seems to be easier than the push-ups but I'm going to stick with both. It's a great way to count down the days until we leave for Hawaii! Hopefully, I'll be comfortable with both by the time we're heading off to paradise.

Not too much planned for the weekend. Relaxing and errands seem to be the most pressing plans as far as I can see. Nothing too hard or pressing. We do need to get T's car smogged. Otherwise, quiet and relaxing is fine with me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy April!

Hard to believe that we're into April now! Why didn't time move this fast while I was in school? Those days just seemed to drag on by. The joy of being an adult I guess.

We're now down to a little over a month before we leave for our trip to Hawaii!! I cannot wait to get there and experience paradise. I think T is just enjoying the thought of time off work. Can't say I blame him. Soon.