Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Week, Another Jog

Hard to believe I managed last week. I found myself up early today so I took some pictures and then another jog around the neighborhood... approximately 3.3 miles or so. I'm trying to mix up the length and routes I jog so I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

I'm feeling creative (and congested) so I'm going to go scrapbook for a bit before I dig back into editing a friend's paper for a class she's taking.

Maybe we'll have another earthquake to make it even more fun.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Being unemployed isn't too bad when money issues aren't a concern (at least not an overwhelming concern). We're lucky to be comfortable and we have a cushion so if T does get laid-off we'd be okay. After reading some articles recently, I've become aware of just how uncommon being able to say that is. We're not saving as much as we should, but we are saving. I cook dinner every night during the week and we're more careful about costs when dining out and shopping.

Some days I wish I had a job so that things would be even more secure and I'd have less to worry about. But (isn't there always one of those?) I've really begun to enjoy all this free time I have during the week. I get so much done freeing us up for fun stuff together on the weekends.

I've sent out one resume/application this week for a part-time job at a local community college that could be very interesting. I'm also researching photography programs nearby. I have no desire to do another 4-year degree. I already have one. I've taken some community college classes off and on and I think that might be the way to go. One of the schools near T's parents has a certificate program that I am going to look more into in the coming weeks. It's about an hour away but I could probably put something together that doesn't overwhelm me or stick me in too much traffic for too long.

This week, I focused on reading more about photography and next week I'm going to reread the same book and start on the chapter assignments. I'll post a review when I'm done the first one.

I think I'll give myself some scrapbooking time as well - we'll see though.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Jogging Day.

Go Me. I jogged again today... almost all of 4.5 miles (I walked a block in the middle and the last two blocks at the end) but overall I think I did pretty well. YEAH.

I also managed my second day of pushups for the 100 pushup challenge I'm doing.

T is working from home today so we'll be going out for lunch and then I plan on recovering a bit on the sofa.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday! (No Joke!)

Well, I had a pretty great weekend. The weather was sunny but with a chilly, which was a little surprising after all the warm days we've been having... felt more like Spring two weeks ago. Can't complain too loudly though. Still had lovely days all weekend long.

While T was helping a friend move, my MIL came down and we went to the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton. Neither of us had ever been, but figured it'd be fun to go once and see what it was like. MIL had a great time looking at all the varied products she's never seen before (she's not a magazine junkie like I am) and talking about the craft shows she use to do in the same building 10 years or more.

Some of the loot I managed to find. I spent about $120 or so on various products. I'm so excited to play with them. Some will have to wait though I got them for an album I've done for a friend and want to add pages too. She needs to get "officially" engaged first or for our vacation later this year.

These license plate albums I think were my favorite things that I bought. I got the PA one since that's where I'm from. I guess I could have made my own because I still have my PA license plate from my old car BUT with my knack for injuries buying one seemed safer. The HI one is for our upcoming trip to the Islands with the In Laws later this Spring. Should be an AWESOME trip. I can't wait.

Lastly, I've started to get serious about getting in shape. I'm jogging outside. Go Me! I did pretty well last week with my first solo run. This week seems to be going well too. I'm going to switch up my runs so I didn't get bored and to challenge my muscles more. I am also starting the 100 Pushups Program. I did the first day today so that will be another thing on my running days. Should be a nice challenge.

I'm hungry. Lunch Time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted. I haven't had too much to say... job searching, reading, chores, exercising, sleeping, making dinner have all pretty much become my routine.

I'm starting the 100 pushup challenge tomorrow with my initial test. I hope Missy V will agree to do it with me. Hopefully, I'll do better with someone else along for the ride.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good weekend.

Hello again friends!!!

What a great weekend. Good weather and we accomplished our goals - even better.

Saturday, we drove over to Danville and had lunch at a little bistro called the Peasant and the Pear. I had the Waldorf salad and it was very yummy. T had a delicious looking chicken sandwich and we shared an order of garlic bread that was just heaven. Two thumbs up.

Afterward, we walked around downtown Danville but there really wasn't too much to see. It just isn't as quaint a town as Sonoma or Healdsburg up near the wineries but still a good day all around. Back home, we actually cleaned out and reorganized the closets as planned! Ohmigod! Miracles do happen.

Sunday we went hiking and I took some fun pictures. We haven't been since last year. I had a great time and I'm hoping T did too because I'll want to go again very soon.

So far this morning I went grocery shopping, had lunch, had time with the kitty, did my work out dvd with Jillian Michaels and then went for a jog outside. Dinner is planned and I'm just enjoying my relaxation time.