Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello weekend!

Hello weekend! I've missed you; where have you been? Somewhere exciting I hope. No real plans for you but we're glad you've arrived. The week hasn't been too bad. T went into Sunnyvale for work on Wednesday and then yesterday went back to SF only to realize he left his laptop here at home. So he took the next train home and worked from our office instead. We had a nice lunch at the elephant bar and then I did some reading while he earned money. Worked out well for me.

We're counting down the final weeks before vacation and I'm just too excited to do to much around the house or job hunting or any of that nonsense.

On to 100 PushUp Challenges - week 5 was hard. I did the pushups but I'm not doing well with any set more than 12. I barely managed the 30 required for the final set today - and only because I paused to rest... not sure if that is cheating or not. UGH. I may have to start from week 4 or 5 after our trip and try again...

In other news, I got my new lensbaby (the composer), an optic kit with single glass, plastic and pin-hole optics, and a wide angle lens to play with. I'm a happy girl.

My paper samples for my friend Melissa's wedding invites came. I'll think more on that after our trip as I know she needs some decisions to make before I can really do anything anyway.

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