Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another week.

I did my progress test for the 100 Push-Ups Challenge and it did not go well. So I'm going to repeat week 5 starting tomorrow and see what happens. I'll probably need a week or two on that level before advancing to week 6. It's a bummer but I don't want to hurt myself and it was uncomfortable...

Yesterday, I jogged on the treadmill for 45 minutes and then lifted some weights in a circuit for another 20. I took a walk in the afternoon to get some fresh air too.

Today was an easy day with a Pilates session first thing and then just relaxing with some errands (bathing suit shopping ICK) and trying to get a spare key made. Ended up having to go to the office and have them make it. UGH.

Could be worse though.

Took a walk this afternoon while I was waiting for the dishwasher to run (it's too loud to stay inside while it's going) and my honey flax bread to rise. It's still chilly out, considering the warm weather of early last week - but I guess I should appreciate this while it lasts. I'm thinking our new area is going to be rather warm come summer.

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