Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week roundup.

First things first.

I was rather disappointed in the amount I got done this week from my 7 goals for the week.

I managed to find a SINGLE job to apply to... and I didn't even find it... the job agency I met with back in January sent me the lead. I forwarded my resume as requested and haven't heard anything except they'd let me know. T said that counts as one any way. Grade F

I did fairly well exercising and managed about 45 minutes a day. Some days more, some less because I worked too hard (i.e. 1.5 hours or more) the day before. I think that went pretty well overall. Grade C-

I started the week off pretty well turning off Monk, Law and Order and other crime shows - mostly because I'd already seen them - but as the week went by it got harder and harder to pry myself off the chair. Grade C

Cooking dinner was pretty easy this week since I cooked a lot the week before (i.e. we had plenty of leftovers). I even made some yummy honey flaxseed bread yesterday afternoon... so overall Grade B

As for cleaning and reading software or skill books, I'll just say I sucked at it. I ran the dishwasher and did the laundry and that was about it... and wiped down the kitchen when I cooked still not really housework. Reading tech books didn't happen at all. I am ashamed and saddened by my failure. Grade F

I did manage to get out and take some pretty good macro shots this week. I was pretty pleased with how they came out being full sun and no tripod. I've loaned my tripod and 100mm macro to J this evening so it'll be a few weeks I'm sure before I get them back.

I also managed to get a bunch of digital scrapbook layouts created so that's a plus there too.

Hard to believe it's nearly 9 p.m. J was here until after 7 so we didn't eat dinner until 7:30ish and then we watched some show on the history channel.

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