Friday, February 20, 2009

Job search.

I've been looking for a job since we moved to the East Bay in November. I'll admit that we were busy moving the last week of November and then unpacking the beginning of December so I didn't apply for much. I also went home for a week the second week of the month. Then I was getting all the stuff done for Christmas and then it was January.

We're now almost into March and the only job interview I've had was with a temp agency. How frustrating. I know I don't need to work but it would help us save more and it would get me out of the apartment for awhile. I'd like to meet people too. I'm a bit lonely since T's gone all day and gets home so much later than his old job. It sucks but we're so much better off than most people right now that I can't complain too much.

I've come across some pretty crazy jobs in the last few days. One was Penetration Tester for the federal reserve in San Francisco - I think. Basically see how easy it is to rob the place but that's not what I thought when I read the title. The second was Office Plant Caretaker for a company that offers plants and such to local businesses along with care so the business doesn't have to water them themselves. HUH???

What are these people thinking? Is it really that difficult to water some plants? Check that. My plants have become dried flowers of late. It's pretty cool but doesn't make me a potential employee. So I guess watering plants is pretty hard.

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