Friday, September 19, 2008


I admit that I haven't had my sewing machine out lately. The last thing I remember sewing was a pseudo-curtain for the storage area under my loft stairs - like in 2002. Overall, I enjoy sewing. I like the quick process and having a finished item in my hands much quicker than knitting or crocheting (both of which my mother and older sister have failed to teach me - all my fault). I don't have the patience for counting stitches. The downside of sewing is picking out all the mistakes.

That all said, I dragged out my sewing machine earlier this week and started a project. Go me. It was a simple tote bag and it took me a couple of days to do it. I only had to pick out stitches once when I sewed a handle on twisted so I rate the whole experience as a success. Go me.
Dixie offered to hold down the material after I cut out the pieces I need so they wouldn't launch a rescue mission. Her bravery was noted and we will have to save some random threads for her to bat at later as a reward.

Today, I finished up my tote bag and spent the rest of the afternoon petting the cat and watching Law and Order (what else does life need?).

T's parents are down tomorrow for lunch. We're probably going to take them up to Healdsburg because they've never been. Should be fun - unless it's pouring then walking around the square might not be as fun.

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