Friday, September 26, 2008

HDR Photography

I love High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. I love all the new bits of information you find hidden when you combine the files together. It gives me that little rush that I got from developing
photos in the darkroom but without that nasty chemical smell or worrying if I wound the film properly or any made any other mistakes in the developing film/photo phases. Mistakes I am good at.

One of my favorite sites for HDR photography (with some great tutorials too) is Before the Coffee. I love the images Ferrell McCollough creates and his candor on the various programs available to acheive HDR. His book
Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Photography offers great examples to those who want to learn HDR and those who just like looking at the pretty pictures.

I don't think HDR works well for every shot but it can be a fun way to experiment or get a complex lighting shot to work.

If at all possible, use a tripod. Any movement from handheld shots can ruin anotherwise great image. Take your time (this is the one I have trouble remembering). Try different angles and don't always go for the easy shot. Most of all, have your camera with you because you never know when a great opportunity will arrive.

All images are my own creations.

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