Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year - 9 Days Late

Okay. So I haven't been on the ball with all the writing stuff. I thought I would be so much better with all of this stuff. HA. I guess shame on me for not focusing. I need to push myself into things and then I need to keep myself moving forward.

I am looking for a job. There hasn't been too much that has interested me - even less do I qualify for. UGH. Why can't I be one of those fabulous people who just knows everyone and can just call someone up and get a job? That would be too easy, right?

Not that I'm hating being unemployed. I just don't want to wait forever to get another job.

Anyway, our anniversary (Dec. 31) was great. After dinner, we got a phone call saying that our friends the W. Family were visiting their best friends not 10 minutes away so we spent the countdown to the new year with them. Lots of fun and I know T. was happy to see them again. Who knows when they'll be down from Washington again? It might not have been how we planned to spend our anniversary but it certainly was a lot of fun.

My sister M finished her chemo regimen (yeah) and is now scheduling the next round of testing to make sure all the cancer was killed off. We'll hopefully know the results by the end of February (more waiting).

Mom is still recovering from her fall down the stairs. Her orthopedic surgeon is concerned because one of leg screws is lose but he has cleared her to get back to work (it's been over 2 months). She's going a little stir crazy so I'm sure she'll be better once she gets back to some sort of normal routine. His only concern is that if the screw breaks the skin she's to call him immediately. One would hope - that Mom being a nurse - would not have needed that instruction; on the other hand, from my own experience, nurses are probably some of the worst patients you could possibly deal with (I mean other than doctors themselves) HA.

So good news has finally started arriving. It's a good way to start this year. Let's keep it moving.

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