Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm waiting again.

It's something I'm not good at. I hate it. I start fixating on how much I hate waiting and it only makes everything seem slower and take longer. Ugh. My lack of patience is probably my worst fault.

Anyway, my mom fell down the stairs Monday morning and had to go the hospital. I got a text as I was arriving at work that morning. That night, Mom told me she was waiting to have it set the next day at her orthopedic surgeon's office. Yeah, she already had one. She's broken her leg/ankle a couple of times that I remember and she had her knee repaired. At least, Dr. Mazur is good and she already knew him.

He told her she needed surgery so that's this afternoon sometime EST. I'm here waiting in California to hear her recovery, etc.

That all comes on top of the waiting for the company T. interviewed with last week and the week before to come back with a counter offer. They offered him 10% more than he makes now, but it's more expensive down in San Jose so he asked for more. They underpay their engineers I guess because he got an email yesterday saying they were still debating the issue.

Fun, fun fun.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Amy! What a way to spend your birthday, at the hospital waiting for Mom.

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